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A few more things that make me happy

Birchenall Award.jpg

Birchenall Award

Nancy received the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association's Birchenall Award, given to members of the wine media for promoting knowledge of the East Coast Wine Industry.

Virginia Wine Love

Virginia Wine Love

Nancy launched and moderates the 10K-member Virginia Wine Love Facebook group. Originally intended to help VA wine fans and wineries stay connected during the early days of COVID, the rapidly growing site is now information-central for travelers.

"Besides the much needed business that has kept as afloat by connecting to customers on your group, it's raised our spirits and motivated us when times get hard, and given us great insight on what people want so we can do better during these crazy times!"

Nancy Bauer, moderator, Virginia

Conference/Panel Moderator

Nancy has set up and moderated panels at a variety of conferences and meetings, including the Virginia Tourism Corporation, National Dairy Council, Virginia Wineries Association and others.

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